Kyle Weise


Describe your dream day of riding.
Where, with whom, conditions, apres?

Any day with a sick crew.  Throw the crack grease team riders out on timberline with either some good pow or rad parks (or both) and its gonna be a damn good day.  Any time you can go balls to the walls and the stoke meter is at the max good things are gonna happen.

Why is snowboarding so fun?

How could it not be?  You can escape every part of regular life, push your limits and your fears to the max and achieve things that should be physically impossible.  Its the chance everyone needs to transcend the reality of normalicy.

If you could never snowboard again, could you find love and stoke on a pair of skis?

Probably not, but I would try to invent some wickedly rad form of snowboarding that I could still accomplish.

Describe your dream park line.

Booters you can point it at and never over shoot, wicked buttery jibs and rails with a sick rythm to them, a fatty quarterpipe and an airbag/foampit somewhere in the mix to practice terrifyingly intense inverts.  Oh and all of that must be on a non gaper hot lap style chair or rope tow.  For sure.

Favorite rider?

Scotty Lago.  Dude smashes huge back country shit with the brain farm crew, does slope, pipe and big air, and throws down at the olympics.  Thats diversity.

Favorite human?

My dog Kaz.

If you could be one element from the Periodic Table of Elements, which would you be?

Hmmmmm..............Whatever element that has yet to be discovered... And it shall be called Sickyle.

Best job you ever had?

I am unable to disclose that information at this time.

Worst job you ever had?

Pumping gas.

Bare knuckle fist fight between Joe Pesci and Danny Devito- who's your money on?

Joe Pesci stabbed the shit out of some dude in Good Fellas... Sorry Danny you're doomed.

Have you been in love? Share...

Meh, Mt. Hood and I have had an ongoing affair for some time now but... she's kinda of a ho. Ride her hard put her away wet boys :)



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