Mark Rainery

weiseTell us your name, age, favorite food and favorite human.

Mark Rainery, I'm 26 and I like eating pesto pasta. I have lots of favorite humans and a ton of others that I thoroughly enjoy.

If no one was watching, would you rather eat an egg salad sandwich, or fuck one?

I'd probably eat the sandwich, but while I was working on a boat lastsummer in Alaska I heard a story that fits this questions purpose. Apparently my friend is working on a salmon seiner, catching lots of fish and all, and at one port the boats captain has to kick off one of the deckhands. My homie has no idea why and then learns that the captain walked in on the deckhand fucking a salmon fillet fresh out of the oven. I wonder if he would still have a job if it was just an egg salad sandwich?

What is your second favorite thing in the world, assuming snowboarding or skiing is first?

My second favorite thing in the world is working with photos and video. I went to film school, it made me hate movies, but I learned a lot about cameras which have always been something to mess around with.

Have you ever been or are you currently in love? Please share.

I am currently in love, with many things and people but it's not always easy. Learning to love takes time, practice, and failure. I think love finds you but a certain degree of effort needs to be put in to make it last. What do I know though?

What do you possibly hope to gain by aligning your futures with the pitifully janky operation that is Crack Grease Snowboarding?

I'm stoked be part of Crack Crease Snowboarding and I hope to stay slippery with their greasy shred stick lube!

Just so we know how much beer to buy for our annual company picnic, how many beers would you need to make out with The Gooch?

It wouldn't take too many beers right now since I'm only consuming 3.2% beer in Utah. Outside of state lines I usually forget what happens after a couple 40's of OE.

Now, if we took away all but one of those beers, but you get to make out with Pony too, would you make out with The Gooch?

I get Pony too! You had me at Gooch, fuuuuck, just kidding. Those 40's are looking pretty good right now. I'm scared that answering this will come back to haunt me at the picnic, haha!

Is there anyone who gives you free shit that you'd like to thank?

Some people that hook me up with free stuff are Scott Downing @Capita/Union/Coal, ThirtyTwo, and VonZipper. Shane Robinson & Scott Baxter @ Aurora Projekt, Evan Tenant @ Phar North, Tim Meyer @ Dakine, Todd Heath @ Bomb Snow, Spenser Johnson @, and of course, Crack Grease Snowboarding!

Finally, tell us something awesome!

A couple winters ago I got a call from my buddy in the morning. He had  just been invited to go heliskiing with a group but they needed to fill one more seat. The group had been offered a deal rate but it was still expensive. I was a broke bum living at home but really wanted to go. I told my bud that I would call him back if I could somehow make it work. I hung up the phone and then remembered that I had a coin jar somewhere in my room that I hadn't touched in years, but still had been dropping change into it from time to time. Found the coin jar, with all the change I ever got back from the bar, and started rolling those quarters, nickles, and dimes up. I ended up paying for the heli and still had some left over to give back to the bar after riding. I guess that was pretty awesome paying for my first time heliboarding with pocket change.



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