Jeremy Ojua


Describe your dream day of riding.
Where, with whom, conditions, apres?

My dream day of riding is every day that I'm riding at Timberline with some really fresh slush...park laps all day. I hate powder and trees and drops,If  I'm not there to shred them, otherwise I love that too. Who do I dream of riding with? My friends and loved ones!

Why is snowboarding so fun?

I've never really thought it was that much fun.  I mean with the beautiful surroundings, being close to nature, high speed adrenaline thrills, flying through the air just like in the dreams I had as a kid, meeting amazing people and making life long friends that share similar passions, feeling like everything in the world finally makes sense, joy and ecstasy combined into a moment of surreal bliss.....yeah it sucks I kind of hate it now that I think about it.  I'll probably quit soon.

If you could never snowboard again, could you find love and stoke on a pair of skis?

How dare you!

Describe your dream park line.

Huge floaty hit with a jib tree planted in the heart of it, repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat, a flowy rail section with a fat selection, another floaty hit with a tree jib planted in it and I'm good.

Favorite rider?

Jeremy Ojua.

Favorite human?

This shred honey I know...I think her name is Callie Nutter.

If you could be one element from the Periodic Table of Elements, which would you be?

Sc – Scandium, because I'm mostly Scandinavian.

Best job you ever had?

Wildland firefighter.

Worst job you ever had?

Wild Rat Tamer for the Soviets back in the 70's. That's all I'm permitted to disclose on that subject.

Bare knuckle fist fight between Joe Pesci and Danny Devito- who's your money on?

Joe Pesci....but only cause I know he'd pull a knife eventually.

Have you been in love? Share...

Currently in it!



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