Nate Jepson

Photo by Jesse Moline


Describe your dream day of riding.
Where, with whom, conditions, apres?

Smashing out park laps at T-line with all the HOODRATS! Or two feet of  Idaho blower in our secret zones!

Why is snowboarding so fun?

It's the ultimate peace and freedom, when you're riding nothing else matters but stomping that next trick or finding that new pocket of pow!

If you could never snowboard again, could you find love and stoke on a pair of skis?

I'd do anything to be in the snow, but skis do not stoke me out!

Describe your dream park line.

Street rails, channel gaps, crazy weird features, wall rides,  re-directs, all of it...hahaha I'm excited already!

Favorite rider?

Johnnie Paxson
Dylan Thompson

Favorite human?

Katt Williams... lol

If you could be one element from the Periodic Table of Elements, which would you be?

Definitely some helium, He.

Best job you ever had?

Wildland firefighter, or no job in the winter!

Worst job you ever had?

Any day job in the winter!

Bare knuckle fist fight between Joe Pesci and Danny Devito- who's your money on?

Joe Pesci for sure he is a feisty lil shit, ha!

Have you been in love? Share...

Many times, mostly it only lasts till morning, lol.



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