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About Choad Cheese Snowboard Wax

Hand-crafted in Portland Oregon by riders, for riders.

Choad Cheese Snowboard and Ski Wax is formulated to provide optimal glide and durability in a range of snow conditions without the use of fluorocarbons or other toxins. Choad Cheese has been rider-tested from Mt. Hood to Snow Park NZ- it is FAST and LASTS and smells better than any other wax out there.

We use locally-sourced and sustainable materials in our wax and to further reduce our carbon footprint, our packaging is 100% recyclable- no blister packs or plastic. Available in all temp, cold temp and a graphite rub on in an ever-expanding variety of scents.
FREE SHIPPING to USA on all wax orders.

All-Temp Wax

$10 – 100 grams

Choad Cheese All-Temp Snowboard and Ski Wax provides excellent performance in all snow conditions, from Fall through Summer.

Horny Imagine the smell of Britney Spears' abs, circa 1999.

Dirty HippieA heady blend of 420 and Patchouli.

Arvind's Mom's
Coconut Curry
Choad Cheese meets Mumbai in this flavor based on Arvind's Mom's wicked Coconut Curry recipe.

BeerSmells like a beer-soaked Oriental rug in a frat house at 4am.

DestinyStrawberries, Champagne and Stoke!

Stoner Kibbleuh huh huh huh huh huh huhuh huh huh huh
aw…damn, bro...

Jovian's BrazilianSmells like a tanned summer tummy.

Maple BaconYou're gonna want to eat this wax- but don't. Seriously, don't eat it.

PBJThe p-bizzle j-dizzle!

Root Beer FloatWoody creamy sweetness!

Ice Cream
Snowboarding and Bubblegum Ice Cream- the foundation of a quality suspended adolescence.

PDXotic DancerLove Spell meets Amber Romance.

Pretty Boy BeavonInspired by our team manager's legendary hygiene practices.

CDXXThe Wax Chemists at Crack Grease Snowboarding aren't stoners, but all of our friends are! So this scent is for you.

EGG NOGGIN'The perfect stocking stuffer for shredders. And for said shredders' Moms. Or for your homie that quit drinking because of a DUII.

Choad of the MonthThe Chemists at Choad Cheese Wax formulate a different all temp scent each month during the snow season.

Cold-Temp Wax

$10 – 100 grams

Choad Cheese Cold Temp Snowboard and Ski Wax provides increased glide and durability in snow conditions below 20° Fahrenheit (-6° Celsius).

Hella Hard!Fast, Hard and Invigorating!

Bulk All-Temp Wax

$25 – 1 lb.

Choad Cheese in a one pound block of delicious fast. For the heavy waxer.

Pounder1-lb block of delicious wax, for mucho waxing. The scent is Chemist's Choice. It might be Horny. It might be Rum & coke. It could be Banangerine . . .

Rub-on Wax

$12 – 100 grams + Nut (Walnut shell laced scuff pad)

Choad Cheese rub on wax is as much fun to use as it is... fast.


Rub N' NutAn effective and inexpensive on-hill waxing solution for stoners who forgot to wax their stick the night before.

Graphite Anti-StaticOur pre-hotwax anti-static application to disrupt the electromagnetic field and let you go fast.



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* Free shipping on all wax. Giddy Up! Reviews

"I bought wax off their website. the wax is fast and smells really good, try it out you'll be really happy with it."

"I'll say I was incredibly satisfied with Choad Cheese Wax and with their customer service. After reading about this wax on a snowboard forum, I visited their website and got a good vibe from it. Typically I buy whatever's the cheapest as far as wax goes and have never been real loyal in that regard, but after getting this quality of wax for the price and really enjoying how absurd, fun and true they are to snowboarding I'll be buying more of this and trying out some of the other smells that Choad Cheese offers."

"The first time I put this wax on my board I was able to do 3 days of hard riding at Mt. Bachelor, and it was silky smooth. On the third day my board wasn't starting to chug like it normally does with the Swix stuff I usually get. I'll be checking out the other 'flavors' but so far this one does the trick!"
J. Leighton

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