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7Rub N' Nut

100g Choad + 1 Nut (Scuff Pad) = $23.00
(You may select quantities at checkout)




The Wax Chemists at Crack Grease Snowboarding have created an effective and inexpensive on-hill waxing solution for stoners who forgot to wax their stick the night before.

And it all fits in one tight little pink box.

The Rub: A Tacky Choad of Microcrystalline, vegetable and hydrocarbon waxes. Gnarly!
The Nut: An Eco-Friendly alternative to the ScotchBrite pad. The Nut is impregnated with ground walnut shells to provide the grit necessary to work The Rub into your base. And like everything else we make, The Nut smells GOOD!

Step 1: Hygiene FirstClean your stick, or at least slap some of the road dust off of it.

Step 2: The RubRub the wax hard into your stick in long, slow, parallel strokes until your stick is all waxy.

Step 3: The NutSlide the Nut in long parallel strokes up and down, applying strong and consistent pressure until your stick is smooth and shiny.

Step 4: Go ride, Biotch!

WARNING: * We do not recommend hot waxing with RUB N' NUT- the tacky formula makes for a very aggressive scraping sesh.

*Exceptions & Exclusions:
• April Fool's Day and you woke up with your buddy Sanchez's junk in your trunk.
• Your ride shows up 45 minutes late on a weekday pow day without safety gear or imbibibles.
• You're shredding some private resort in the Alps and those creepy little Olson Twins are all like, "We like, uh, spent all our billions on smack and botox, will you wax our skis… tee hee."

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"I bought wax off their website. the wax is fast and smells really good, try it out you'll be really happy with it."

"I'll say I was incredibly satisfied with Choad Cheese Wax and with their customer service. After reading about this wax on a snowboard forum, I visited their website and got a good vibe from it. Typically I buy whatever's the cheapest as far as wax goes and have never been real loyal in that regard, but after getting this quality of wax for the price and really enjoying how absurd, fun and true they are to snowboarding I'll be buying more of this and trying out some of the other smells that Choad Cheese offers."

"The first time I put this wax on my board I was able to do 3 days of hard riding at Mt. Bachelor, and it was silky smooth. On the third day my board wasn't starting to chug like it normally does with the Swix stuff I usually get. I'll be checking out the other 'flavors' but so far this one does the trick!"
J. Leighton

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