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7Root Beer Float

100g Choad = $20.00
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Remember when you were little and you'd be at an Ice Cream Parlor sitting in a naugahyde booth eating a Rootbeer Float and inevitably the asshole kid who made it jammed that long-ass metal spoon so deep into that frozen scoop of ice cream you completely lift it out of the cup and jab it repeatedly in the general direction of your sister Tracy who points at you and starts crying just to get you in trouble and your mom leans over and motions to tap her cigarette ash onto your scoop so you go to put it back in the cup but the spoon finally lets go and it falls into the cup and the rootbeer goes fucking APESHIT and starts foaming like crazy and you gotta quick get that paper condom off the end of that straw and get to sucking or it's curtains and you're sucking and it's ecstatic woody sweet rootbeer all silky and COLD, no like ICE COLD man and then instantly you feel like there's a mule trying to kick it's way out of your skull through your eyeballs and your eyes are watering and you begin to WAIL and Tracy is pointing and laughing at you and you grab a glass of ice water off the table and start chugging it and that shit feels WARM and you finally start getting your shit together and you look over and your mom has stopped smoking and the cigarette is dangling precariously from her fingers and she has this look on her face like you just took a shit in her handbag and you realize all at once that disappointment is the most consistent expression of this human experiment, but Rootbeer Floats are awesome. And so is Team Rider Joel Fuquay who came up with this scent idea.

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"I bought wax off their website. the wax is fast and smells really good, try it out you'll be really happy with it."

"I'll say I was incredibly satisfied with Choad Cheese Wax and with their customer service. After reading about this wax on a snowboard forum, I visited their website and got a good vibe from it. Typically I buy whatever's the cheapest as far as wax goes and have never been real loyal in that regard, but after getting this quality of wax for the price and really enjoying how absurd, fun and true they are to snowboarding I'll be buying more of this and trying out some of the other smells that Choad Cheese offers."

"The first time I put this wax on my board I was able to do 3 days of hard riding at Mt. Bachelor, and it was silky smooth. On the third day my board wasn't starting to chug like it normally does with the Swix stuff I usually get. I'll be checking out the other 'flavors' but so far this one does the trick!"
J. Leighton

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