Hand-crafted in Portland Oregon by riders, for riders.

Since 2010, Choad Cheese Snowboard and Ski Wax has been hand-crafted in Portland Oregon by riders, for riders. Choad Cheese Wax is formulated to provide optimal glide and durability in a range of snow conditions without the use of fluorocarbons or other toxins. Choad Cheese Wax has been rider-tested from Mt. Hood to Snow Park NZ- it is FAST and LASTS and smells better than any other wax out there.

Choad Cheese Wax uses locally-sourced and sustainable materials and to further reduce our carbon footprint, our packaging is 100% recyclable- no blister packs or plastic. Choad Cheese Wax is available in all temp, cold temp, rub-on and a graphite anti-static rub-on in an ever-expanding variety of scents to add stoke to your waxing session. Choad Cheese Wax is also available in bulk in an economical 1 lb. all temp Pounder.

Choad Cheese Wax is also for sale on Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk.

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